Sunday, November 17, 2013

they couldn't see anything else

Hello there,

How are you? Todays post is about presents and giving and getting and being lucky and stuff, but let's get started. In the last days I was writing my christmas wish list, because my family always wants me to write one, because actually I am never happy with what I get and therefore they rather like if I say what I would like to have, though I have realized that everything what I want is really hard to get, since my mom is the person, who probably hates to order things online the most. Ok, I digress from the topic originally I have intend to write about why presents aren't important for me.
I think christmas has a deeper meaning than presents. It's this magically time in year when even humble places look marvelous and 
everything is like in a fairytale. Well, this was a bit exaggerated, but I really like christmas. But sometimes I don't even realize how happy I am to have such a good life.


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