Wednesday, November 6, 2013



Hello there,
I am sick and therefore i am lying in bed, listening to music, sitting in front of the laptop and do stuff in the internet. There I've found some pretty bras. Ya, I know that some of them are transparent, shh maybe all of them, 
but they are so cute and I don't care!  
 I am pretty confident that my mom and I will go shopping on Sunday, so I can probably look for a similar one. As well I would like to mention I haven't post an outfit post yet, but they will follow,
 because I plan to post an outfit in a few days.


songs you should definitely listen to
tennis court - lorde
lullabies - yuna
running - milky chance
sun don't shine - klangkarussel/will heard

///source: instagram of casper&pearl /// *source:

///source: instagram of jennavon

///source: via weheartit (helene vetik)


  1. So beautiful, it will look great on you! Your blog is so nice! New follower here :) X Anna

  2. Wow, tolle Wäsche!! :) Das ist mal originell, pfiffig und hübsch, ohne vulgär zu sein. ;) Kommt gleich auf meine Wunschliste.


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