Wednesday, January 15, 2014

blogger bazaar

Yesterday a very good friend of mine and I had the opportunity to visit the blogger bazaar, because it took place in Berlin, which made me really happy. So after school we really had to hurry up to be one of the first, who could shop the style of the bloggers, but to be honest the clothes they sold were not my style and I didn't buy anything., though it was a lovely evening, because there were lots of drinks and cupcakes and ice cream, which I literally adored. Besides this the location where it took place was really cool, especially the terasse than we had an awesome view on the spree (it's a river for everyone who doesn't know :)) But the best thing was, that everybody received a little goodie bag at the entrance?, which was filled with annoying flyers. I actually don't understand why they always put advertisement papers in the bags, because everyone throw them away anyways, but happily in the bag was also a pretty nail polish in an adorable color, (It's something between rose and white and I had to paint it on my nails immediately. I am in love)  a lip gloss, a coconut drink and a fashion magazine. What I like is, that the magazine neither is totally focused on fashion nor on living, therefore it doesn't become boring quickly. The label Pinkbox had a little stand, too, where I won one of their pinkboxes at their raffle. I have to say I never was a fan of this beauty boxes and this time I was quiet disappointed of the content, but it was for free and it was pretty cool to win something. Overall I enjoyed the time with my dear friend at the Bazaar and I think I would go the this event again if it take place in Berlin someday. Zara


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!
    bella x

  2. ich wünschte, ich wäre auch dort gewesen :(

    1. vielleicht kannst du ja nächstes Jahr hingehen :)


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