Thursday, January 16, 2014

who's at home?

Currently the fashion week is in berlin and the bread&butter and all this fashion events. Every where are celebrities, mostly not this super famous people, because I think they wouldn't walk this normally through the streets, but who knows? Bloggers and models are on the go out and and everybody thinks he or she is totally special. Of course its an honor to sit in the front row of the shows, but I think it would be fine if some of these people would stopp thinking that they are something so special. Probably its just the jealousness, which makes me write this stuff, i don't know. I am not invited obviously therefore I had to look for photos of the shows in the internet. One of my favorite designers, who presents the collection there, is Kaviar Gauche. Actually its a duo of two lovely women. They designed beautiful clothes like always. What do you think of the pieces?

Wednesday the weather was cold, but clear and the sun shined from time to time, so it was the perfect weather to wear a skirt. I wore a black skirt with a plain striped tee and a violett sweater. Zara


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