Monday, January 20, 2014


Most of the time I like living in berlin, but today the weather was just awful. It rained all day long  and the streets were slippery, so that the people slided on the streets whether they wanted or not. Okay guys, now I tell you something about my wish list. Ahh I have so many stuff, which I would like to have, but I guess I am not the only one. First of all I want really bad that bag by Alexander Wang. I don't own a good bag, which you can carry over your shoulder and I like the duffers on the ground (I think they should protect the bag from dirt or other unlike stuff) The top above the Rocco bag is something I enjoy to look at, but I'm not sure if I would wear it, so probably I will not buy it. Obviously chanel can not miss on my wish list, because they have always pretty products and a parfum for hair is something absolutely cheeky, right? I like if my hair smells delicious after taking a shower and to have good smelling hair nonstop is like a dream coming true. I have a second wish, which will be used in the hair, too. It's the ghd wonderland straightener. Ghd has a really good reputation and I read a lot of posts, where the persons enthused about it. The pink sweater is also one of my must-haves, especially now in mid-winter. I think it would suit with a couple of things, like a tight, black jean or with a dress. Last but not least I added these mint-green nike train shoes to my wish list, because mine are getting to small and as well I think a girl can never have enough sneakers. What are your favorites lately? Zara

1. Rocco bag / via Alexander Wang
2. Top / via Topshop
3. N° 5 Le parfum cheveux / via douglas
4. ghd wonderland styler / via ghd
5. Pink sweater / via Topshop
6. Nike free mint-green / via

///source: the pictures do NOT belong to me

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