Wednesday, January 22, 2014

lazy tuesday

Yesterday I had a really lazy tuesday, so I decided to write a little post about some things I am planning for the (blog)future. It's not new that I am sick of my blog layout, design or how you call it, but I am working on it whenever I've the time. So I hope the new layout will come out soon. What do you guys think of a new layout? Anyways, tuesday was the first snow and I was literally so happy like a little child! I love snow, because everything looks so clean and bright and has a relaxing atmosphere, when it's all white. But its cold and i like to stay at home then. Unfortunately I get bored very easily and  because of this  I spent my time reading different fashion and lifestyle magazines, taking selfies with photo both (oh how I love those funny effects) and drank a lot of tea. And I picked out a silver sweater and a classy black skirt, to take some photos, but I was just too lazy to go outside, I apologize. Zara


  1. Lazy days for life! :D
    Ich finde deinen Blog wirklich toll und du hast super Bilder :)
    Folge dir jetzt ♥


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