Monday, January 27, 2014

sporty chic

I think I have a new obsession. Yesterday and the other days when  I was sick I started to bake just out of this boredom and it made me basically totally happy. First I looked in the internet, thank god for the exsistent of this, and I found a recipe for a bitter-sweet-chocolate-pie. Especially now, during winter when snow is everywhere and its -10 degrees, a sweet piece of cake warms me up and brings me out of my winter depression, so it wasn't questioned, whether I bake that cake or not. I woke very early up on Friday and started baking. It was so much fun and when the cakes were in the oven I read lots of fashionblogs. And for this reason I have to post some photos of the Chanel show because they were like everywhere. Probably its one of my favorite collections by Chanel so far. Karl Lagerfeld combined glitter dresses with sneakers and it kinda looked like sports outfits. What do you think of baking and this collection? Zara

///source: tumblr

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