Tuesday, February 18, 2014

take a wish

Hello guys, What are you up to? I am about to catch up my friend from South France at the airport, yay. She'll stay one week in berlin and I don't have to go to school during this time. (Basically hit two bird with one stone) I made a little sign with her name on it so she can see me immediately at the airport exit. Okay, so not long ago I went shopping again and I bought a pretty skirt by Zara, a plain white shirt and a flanell. The skirt has a pastel pink color and is really girly, but who cares? Nevertheless they are still a couple of things which are on my wish list such as this super cool cloud sweater. Would you buy it or do you think it's too much or whatever? I also picked this pair of shoes for the list, because I saw them at Zara when I went there last time and I fall in love with them. (unfortunately I hadn't enough money to buy them, damn)  Well guys I have to hurry up now and drive to the airport. Much Love Zara. Ah I'll show you the skirt and shirt etc. next time.

1. cloud sweater by 'sexy sweater' via fusion ( 81$)
2. flatform sandals from zara (50$)

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