Sunday, February 16, 2014

a green flanell

Today was a sleepy sunday and I was a sleepy head, who wore a green flanell, which I recently bought at a thrift shop. It's like two sizes too big, but I liked this oversized look and with a tight, black jeans it looks good. Also when it's hot, I mean when the weather is fine I can knot the flanell around my hip and can look as cool as those american teenagers, he. No, but seriously I wanted a flanell for a long time and I am happy to own it now. Do you like it? This morning I read a fashion & living magazine, to get some inspirations for my room or some new outfit ideas. My room is really bright and generous, but it looks messy in a way I can't describe. Therefore I want to change it so that it's more white and black. Okaaay guys, I hope that post wasn't too boring tho, but I doubt. Yours sincerely Zara

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