Thursday, February 13, 2014

and that, my friend

That, my friends is the post I originally wanted to publish on tuesday, but because I am so lazy it is only now online, I am a little bit sorry. First of all I have to say this post isn't to indicate I just wanted to show you my new stuff, because I like everything so much and I really think that you guys have a couple of fabulous clothes etc. which are much cooler than mine. So enough dumb talk. I needed a pair of shoes, so this was the first thing I bought. I often have problems with buying shoes, but this was the first pair I tried and it suited very well. Then I went to Zara. I love Zara stores, because they sell so pretty clothes to cheap prices and that's everything I want in my life. Therefore I bought a grey top. It's very soft and fits well. Some of you may now that I am obsessed with these ghd flat irons and now finally my mom bought one for me and I am the luckiest girl on earth right now. I got the V emerald styler. Also I bought a striped pull at brandy melville it was on sale, so yeah. Tell me if you like anything of my new stuff and don't forget to check out my valentines post! Zara

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