Friday, February 7, 2014

some things you can't buy

Hello friends,

how are you? If you're not happy than just remember how blessed you are and try to enjoy every thing in life. Okay so now everybody is totally happy and ready for the post. Yesterday I was at the hairdresser literally the whole day and it was awful, I mean to spend the whole day in this tiny shop with this hairspray smell in the air and stuff, but it was worth and my hair looks better than before ( at least that's what I think) Also germanys next top model, started today, yay and finally I have something to watch on TV, next to the Simpsons. I can understand everybody who thinks that it's an stupid show and whatever, but if you once started to watch it, you can't stop. Then today I went a bit crazy at the mall and I bought, well actually my momma payed for most of the stuff, loads of beautiful pieces. I am going to prepare a post about my purchases for tuesday, so stay excited. Zara


  1. hey! where ist your post for today? ;)
    I really want to see the things you bought!!!

    1. sorry :) i will post it later



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