Monday, February 3, 2014

valentines day

Hello fashion lovers. Today was a very chilly day for me, which started with a big and yummy breakfast including croissants, fresh oranges, avocado cream and a hot tea. After this I went with my mom to a shopping center, but it's a bit tiny and I don't like the shops there, so I didn't buy anything eh. On the way back home I checked in in a bakery ate and drank something and thats it. But I would like to show you some outfits, you could wear on the valentines day, if you like. The first outfit is a way more casual. The shorts and tee are combined with high white sneakers and a cute heart clutch, so you could wear it for a picnic or for school and the other outfit is for the evening. It's very practically that you only have to change the shoes and bag to make it look pretty different. The second outfit is for a dinner date in the evening or whenever you would like to wear it. The tee keeps the outfit cool and the bag and the shoes give it a classy touch. So you don't look overdressed, but still sassy and chic. What do you do on valentines day and would you like me do make a valentines gift-guide? Love you loads Zara

shops: heart clutch/ other stories 
nike air force/ other stories
tee/ wildfox
shorts/i forgot :(
ankle boots/ other stories
bag/ other stories

///source: photos are from the shops named above


  1. Great selection! Love the shorts and tee!

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  3. I think a valentines gift-guide would be a wonderful idea!
    i'm looking forwars to your next post <3


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